Fix Computer Repair provides many tools to diagnose issues and maintain your computer's performance. protecting your system and privacy, and optimizing sluggish system process.

Advance Computer System Utility Provider

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                                       Remote Support & On-Site Computer Repair Services
 We fix your desktop or laptop remotely, or have a technician sent to your location.

 We fix most problems in an hour.

 Online repairs are charged if the repair is complete.

 No hourly rates for online repairs, one price covers it.

 Fix Computer Repair work on your computer remotely saving you time and expenses.
Fix Computer Repair
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Virus and Malware Removal

Slow PC Maintenance (Double Your Speed)

Fix Annoying Error Messages

Fix Computer Crashes and Blue Screen Startups
Fix Computer Repair specializes in remote support

We install programs

Optimize your computer to top performance

Train on newly installed programs or features

Create backup solutions

Provide maintenance preventive measures
24 hours 7 days a week
Only $89.95
for any repair